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Railway Solutions

Railways are an important component of any country's transportation infrastructure. It necessitates a substantial cash commitment due to the lengthy construction procedure. To handle both the building and operation and maintenance of railways, we offer a variety of solutions that assist it effectively and efficiently.

Project Management Solutions

Railway building involves the management of a significant number of resources. It also entails a slew of activities that must be handled with care and precision by various levels of project participants. Our project management solutions include a comprehensive system that provides a detailed picture of the project, which will aid in the effective completion of such a large-scale railway project.
  • GIS Map of alignment
  • Land acquisition and utility shifting
  • Work inspection and Progress capture for:
    • Earth Work
    • Structures
    • Permanent Way
    • Overhead Electrification
    • Signaling and Telecommunication
    • Buildings & Yards
  • Document and Drawing Management
  • Project issue, risk and constraint monitoring
  • Workflow and collaboration
  • Progress Visualization with Dashboards, Strip charts, GIS Charts, Reports
  • Other related solutions to Client specific need

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