International Segment

International Infrastructure segments

We offer Custom Project Management, Process Management and Asset Management development services to International Clients in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the GCC Countries:

Application Development & Maintenance services:
We develop and maintain custom applications using low-code and regular technology platforms of Client’s choice. Enterprise applications form the backbone of every organisation. We offer enterprise application development services in low-code platforms like Zoho Creator that helps  in reduce the development time and cost by a whopping 50%, allowing organisations to innovate rapidly by effectively managing the business processes.

Data Analytics services:
We develop and maintain data analytics solutions, both Cloud and on-premise with leading tools and platforms covering, source discovery, ETL, Visualisation, reporting and exploratory analysis. 
Analytics help business users in assimilating large datasets in business context and make informed decisions and acts as a strategic differentiator. 

GIS services:
We develop and maintain GIS solutions on platforms like Google Map, Carto, Mapbox and ESRI ArchGIS.
GIS solutions help in field data capture, contextual visualisation and location intelligence and add immense benefit to business.