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Highways Solutions

Highways are expensive to build, operate, and maintain. Traditional ERPs rarely match the needs of owners and operators for an end-to-end perspective and visibility across various dimensions of Capital Project Management and Operation & Maintenance Management. Our solutions assist in closing the gap and achieving superior outcomes.

O&M Solutions

Operating and Maintaining highways is resource intensive and requires proactive planning and execution. Our solutions cover the end-to-end process of O&M and help in managing it with ease.
  • Revenue and Traffic Analytics
  • GIS Map of Road alignment
  • Road asset Inspection & Maintenance
  • Structure Inspection and Maintenance
  • Major Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  • Asset Lifecycle management
  • Toll & HTMS Equipment maintenance
  • Electrical Asset Maintenance
  • Road Safety & Patrol operations 
  • Correspondence Management
  • Budgeting and GRC
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory management

Project Management Solutions

Road building is a capital-intensive business and involves coordinating and managing multiple entities - government authorities, contractors and consultants. Our solution covers the entire Project Management process, from land acquisition to project completion using real-time work inspection & approval, data collection, reports, dashboards, collaboration and helps in on time completion.

Project management is critical because it guarantees that the project is moving in the proper direction and at the right speed. Our project management software, with its several components, ensures that these strategic objectives are met without sacrificing quality, timeliness, or cost, resulting in project success.
  • GIS enabled work inspection requestIS enabled work inspection request
  • GIS based linear progress tracking
  • Physical and Financial progress tracking
  • Dashboards and reports 
  • Land acquisition and handover status
  • Utility shifting and encumbrance clearance tracking
  • Document and Drawing Management
  • Other related solutions

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